Caviar francais Par Prunier – Acipenser baerii 魚子醬 30g

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此款 Prunier 整個魚子醬系列中的經典款。


Acipenser baerii,是該物種中最壯觀的物種之一。就像它在�傜n

Baerii 此款鱘魚的繁殖能力特別好,魚卵平均八年後成熟,

以供應 Prunier 魚子醬之料理。

The classic in the entire caviar range of Prunier.

The Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii, is one of the most magnificent sturgeons.

Like its cousins in the Caspian Sea, it can grow up to three metres long and weigh up to

several hundred kilos.

Baerii sturgeons thrive particularly well in aquaculture, they reach maturity after 6 –8 years

and then deliver Prunier caviar.

Caviar House & Prunier has been passionate about exquisite, exclusive seafood for 140 years.

We love our job and aim to deliver the finest delicacies and a genuine gourmet experience.

We believe that food shouldn’t just be consumed; it should be savoured.

Fine food is about the feeling you get from tasting it and we are committed to delivering that feeling,

by producing the finest quality and best-tasting caviar and smoked salmon in the world.



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