Chill buy


Return policy

Generally, Chill buys noReturns, returns and refund applications can only be returned unless the returned or returned product meets or meets the following conditions and criteria. For the avoidance of any doubt, Chill buyAll replacement terms The company has the right to make changes without prior notice to you, and has the right to refuse replacement. If there is any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

Compliance with the returned product policy guidelines includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The product has been opened or used, there is no box, label, and the content of the product is missing
  2. Customer's personal reasons, such as buying the wrong product, buying the wrong color and personal inapplicability, etc.
  3. Damaged goods that have been modified and used by customers
  4. Items more than 5 days after receipt
  5. Some products have been marked not to provide return service
  6. Any damage to the goods during delivery
  7. Once the order is successfully placed, if the non-supplier fails to deliver the goods in the end, no refund or return will be accepted for any reason
  8. No refunds will be given if the supplier's shipping schedule/delivery schedule is delayed
  9. All Freebies, Trial Size Gifts

If the product is damaged, please email within 5 days after the product arrives or WhatsappContact Chill Buy's Customer Service Officer. For details, please refer to the return/refund process below:

  1. customer experiencee-mail or WhatsappContact the customer service colleagues to deal with it. The customer must take a photo or video of the problematic product and notify us within 5 days. Only after we confirm can we return or refund. If the goods are sent out before our confirmation, we have the right not to accept and return the goods to the customer, and the company will not be responsible for the freight incurred.
  2. Customers must return the goods together with all complete packaging at the time of shipment, including cartons, plastic bags, hang tags, manuals, etc.